Calendar: August metal gigs

Live concerts in Madrid during august.

Venue: Silikona
Opening: 20:00

Carnifex + Cannibal Grandpa
Venue: El sol
Opening: 21:00


Slough Feg + Kramp
Venue: Wurlitzer Ballroom
Opening: 21:00


Now I Am + Just
Venue: Wurlitzer Ballroom
Opening: 20:00

Attic + Redimoni
Venue: Silikona
Opening: 20:00


The real Mckenzies + Bladders
Venue: Gruta 77
Opening: 22:00


The Devon Allman Porject + Duane Betts
Venue: Sound Stage
Opening: 20:30


Venue: La Riviera
Opening: 20:00


Holy wave
Venue: Wurllitzer Ballroom
Opening: 22:00

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Calendar: December gigs

Happy xmas!!

Live concerts in Madrid during december.


Madrid is the dark fest
Venue: BUT
Opening: 15:30

Tierra Santa + Tracción
Venue: Mitty
Opening: 19:00

Venue: Nazca
Opening: 19:30


GOLD + Bones Of Minerva
Venue: El perro de la parte de atrás del coche
Opening: 22:00


Testament + Annihilator + Death Angel
Venue: La Riviera
Opening: 18:00


Gaahls Wyrd + The Great Old Ones + Audn
Venue: Caracol
Opening: 19:45

The Attack Of The Brain Eaters + Sombra
Venue: Wurlitzer Ballroom
OPening: 21:30

Venue: New Capac (Mostoles)
Opening: 20:30

Gizëh + Esclavitud
Venue: Republik
Opening: 21:00


Audiolepsia + Deriva + Xtraterrestre
Venue: Wurlitzer Ballroom
Opening: 22:00


Together Pangea + Los Nastys
Venue: Wurlitzer Ballroom
Opening: 22:00


Nashgul + Ósserp + Disturbance Project
Venue: Rock&Pop
Opening: 21:30

Venue: Wizink center
Opening: 21:30

Munmira + Evil Twin
Venue: Barracudas
Opening: 21:30

Snake Sister + La Mendinga Rock
Venue: La Mala
Opening: 22:00

XNIGHT & Ghosts And Me + Screams on Sunday
Venue: Wurlitzer Ballroom
Opening: 22:00


Five Finger Death Punch + In Flames + Of mice and men
Venue: Wizink center
Opening: 19:30


Eternal souls
Venue: Blackbird
Opening: 21:30


Venue: Mon
Opening: 20:00


Depeche mode
Venue: Wizink center
Opening: 21:30

Chamartin-Tetuán district


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Around this area there are rock or indie bars. These suggestions fit more with our metal spirit.

La cocina rock bar. This place is a pub/venue with live show, dinner show and karaoke. Don’t expect metal or heavy metal but looks funny. Open till 6:00 (Wed-Sat). Metro station Colombia (line 8 and 9, pink and purple)

Wild thing bar. Classic rock, sometimes pop sessions. Take a look their rock and roll events, worth it! Open till 3:00 am, 3:30 friday and saturday. Metro station Alfonso XIII (line 4, brown)

The Big four rock bar. Large bar with darts, hookah and live music. They open from 7:00 pm to 3:00 am from tuesday to sunday (Line 9, Ventilla station)

Moncloa-Aravaca-Chamberí district


As you can see on the map, Moncloa and Chamberí are different districts but in spite of Bajos de Argüelles belong to Chamberí and is a popular area, I’ve considered it convenient join them. The metro stop is Argüelles (4 line, brown) or Moncloa (3 line, yellow)

Bajos de Argüelles were the heavy metal and rock heart of Madrid at 80’s, nowdays just a few places are still open but are cheap (when I say cheap is because in Spain doesn’t measure the booze), most of them with clean toilets and close at 2:30 am :

Rebel Yell. Classic heavy metal and metal bar with pinball, table football and darts. Check their facebook page, they have a lot of pictures to have an idea how it looks inside.CLOSED

Sinner. Another heavy metal bar, more little than Rebel but the same good atmosphere. Check their photos as well!

Fenrir. Focuses more into folk, power and death metal. Huge place with darts, pool and a large beer selection. Don’t forget to visit their page.

Gatuperio. They have more variety of genres compare to others pubs around. The FB page aren’t updated since 2013 but they are still open. (their instagram is more active)

Lemmy bar. Rock and heavy metal pub, as legendary as their name.

Bastard. Specialized in rock, A.O.R., hard rock, heavy, power, thrash, death music. Open friday and saturday till 3:00 am.

Tuareg. Heavy and hard rock. Open from tuesday to sunday till 2:30 am.

Hysteria. Recently opened and until 6:00! Rock, punk and heavy metal mostly. From 23:00 pm to 6:00 am, just weekends. Check their pictures in FB!

Near by Bajos de Argüelles

These pubs are in the same area, just 5 or 10 minutes away.

Purple. This bar is the only one in the whole Argüelles where you can listening to metalcore, djent or recent genres from 2000. Check the page! Open till 3:30 am. CLOSED

La leyenda. Venue and pub, varied metal and rock, table football and opened till 3:30 am.

Fun House Madrid. Pub and venue, similar to Wurlitzer in music styles (rock, garage, punk, classics). Open till 5:00 am. Metro station Bilbao (line 1 or 4, light blue and brown)

Trashcan music club. Pub and venue like Fun House Madrid. Mostly Rock and roll, punk, garage and other styles. Open till 6:00 am. Metro station Bilbao (line 1 or 4, light blue and brown)