I wasn’t a big sushi fan but now…

I have a bunch of friends that they are HUGE sushi fans. In the beginning, I thought sushi was a special meal for people suffering from diarrhoea, you know, it looks like astringent diet but they convinced me and the more I ate it, the more a I liked it. So now I’m a sushi fan, or rather a noodles/gyoza fan.

In Madrid you have every kind of food you want: turkish, indian, japanese, mexican, italian, argentine, … But I tasted a few japonese and chinese restaurants that I highly recommended:

Sumo. Buffet menu 18€, 3 orders with 5 dishes each one. Be careful if you order for sushi in the first round maybe you can finish the second and has a 2€ extra for unfinished dishes. Advice: 1st order salads or soup. There are a few Sumo restaurants but I usually go to dinner at Fuencarral Sumo (sun-thu 13:00-16:30/20:00-24:00 and fri-sat 13:00-16:30/20:00-24:30)

Ninja ramen. Excellent presentation and amazing ramen. Near metro tribunal (line 10). Reserve a table!! (12:00–16:30, 19:30–24:00)

Zhou Yulong. Or well known as the Plaza España chinese restaurant. Cheap, fast and recommended by chinese people. Located in an underground parking garage. Here some opinions. (10:00–01:00 every day)