Ode to spanish omelette

Spanish omelette

Extra virgin olive oil, monalisa potatoe and fresh eggs. Just three ingredients to make one of the most famous dishes in Spain. You can add whatever you want: onion, zucchini, spice, chorizo, even turn it in a kind of a cake. Although it’s easy to cook, there are different ways to prepare: well done, medium or almost a potatoe soup; depends on your taste. In my opinion I like juicy and with onion.

If you can try this wonderful tapa here you have some places to enjoy it!

Sylkar. Tortilla not very cooked, the egg almost liquid and have onion. It’s very popular among bars serving this tapa. They are opened from 8:00 to 18:00 and 20:00 to 24:00, prices vary 2,60€ a piece of tortilla (1/5) and 7,50€ half (C/ Espronceda 17, metro station Ríos Rosas)

La Ardosa. Well known bar, always crowded. Their recipe is an institution if you want to know how to make a good spanish omelette, although we recommend visiting and try this delicious tapa (2,5 € – 11 €). They are opened from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, find them in two locations: original one C/ Colón 13 (metro station Tribunal) and the other one located in c/ Santa Engracia 70 (metro station Iglesia)

Casa Dani. Located in one of the most posh Madrid neighbourhoods, this old fashioned bar make more than 200 omelettes per day… with onion, music for me ears! This place is opened from 7:00 to 19:30 and located in C/ Ayala 28 (metro station Velazquez)

Juana la loca. Huge variety of tapas in this fancy place but a bit expensive (from 4 € to 10 € every pintxo) but their “tortilla” recipe has a singularity: caramelized onion; maybe this flavour is not suitable for certain palates. It is located in Plaza puerta de moros, 4 (metro station Tirso de Molina) Timetable: 13:00–17:30, 20:00–24:00.

Ocafú. This Galician restaurant serves a spanish omelette briefly cooked but looks delicious (around 8 €). In their website says that have the best “tortilla” in Spain, so check it out in C/ de la Infanta Mercedes, 98 (metro station Valdeacederas) is opened from 12:00 to midnight.

Viva Chapata. A veggie option in Lavapies, their spanish omelette has nothing to envy from regular ones (with eggs) Around 5 € a portion. Opened from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm (metro station Lavapies)

Check this Instagram account about “tortilla de patatas”, have recommendations and suggestions.


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