Potatoes with brave sauce

Solanum tuberosum or well known as potato. This delicious vegetable has an important role in gastronomy, at least in Spain. If you are going to eat something, you know, the typical “salir a tapear” (going out for tapas) and have a shy taste I have the perfect recommendation … no, is not spanish omelette, is “patatas bravas” (brave potatoes): fried and with hot sauce (brave sauce). Usually, in all bars, boil potatoes and then fried them slightly: it’s easier and faster; anyway the important thing here is the sauce. Unlike people think, this “dressing” hasn’t any tomatoes!!! Not in Madrid. The basic recipe is made with garlic, olive oil, flour, sherry, spicy paprika and salt; from this point has variations and different bars, restaurants and taverns have their own secret recipe.

The best Brave Potatoes in Madrid: route.

Many of these bars don’t speak english but well worth visit them:

Docamar. Near of Pueblo Nuevo metro station with terrace and good value for money. You can take away their sauce. They have good opinions about everything and very recommended. Take a look their website.

A’conchiña.In the same area (Alcalá) you can visit as well and compare (15 minutes on foot from Docamar) Traditional gallego bar with delicious tapas.

Anci. Following Alcalá street you can find this neighbourhood bar, little and sometimes crowded. Ask for a “pool”, yes a pool, they name beer jars “piscinas”.

Las bravas. There are few in Madrid but the original one is in the “pasaje del gato” (Álvarez Gato street). Famous for their sauce, which is registered trademark.

Bodega La Ardosa. Founded in 1892 here you can taste “unas bravas” and the typical spanish omelette. There are two: one in Santa Engracia 70 and the other in Colón, 13.

Don’t forget to leave a coment about your opinion if you visited them!!!



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