I’ve visited some towns but never a pub or a bar. I’ve listed some suggested places:

Alcalá de Henares:

Winchester. It ins’t a rifle or the Supernatural brothers series, it is a metal pub in Cervante’s town. Open till 3:30. Buses from Avenida de América.

La dulce Harley. Rock and biker bar. Open till 3:00 am, except sunday untill 12:00 am. Buses from Avenida de América.

Flamingo rock bar. Just Rock n Roll of every decade. Open till 3:00. Buses from Avenida de América.

Cafe Rock Louisiana. Rock bar open till 3:00. Based on reviews, it’s always crowded. Buses from Avenida de América.


Crazy Cats. Pub with darts, football table, jam sessions and live music. They open till 3:30 am at weekends, rest of the days at 3:00 am (sun, tue, wed closed) Near to metro station La Rambla (line 7, orange)

Rivas Vaciamadrid:

Vegan Rock. Restaurant 100% vegetarian and rock music! Closed monday to wednesday. Metro station Rivas urbanizaciones (line 9, purple)


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