I’m not gonna list every municipalitie or township because most of them aren’t a metal or heavy spot, or at least, rocker spirit like the downtown; but there is a few places distributed in this area. Let’s take a look.

San sebastián de los reyes:

La Nota rock. Pub and sometimes a concert venue. Mainly heavy metal, wide and has popcorn! Open till 3:00 (from thursday to sunday). Metro station Reyes Católicos (line 10, dark blue)

Ned Kelly’s. Australian Pub with a wide variety of rock, metal and heavy metal. Good beers, young environment, darts and pool. Open till 3:00 am. Metro station Reyes Católicos (line 10, dark blue)

Shamrocks. It’s an Irish Pub, variety of international and national beers. Open till 12:00 am sunday to thursday and till 3:30 at weekends (monday is closed). The same metro station than the other bars in the area. You can visit all of them on foot!

Tres cantos:

Sala Legend. Mainly a venue with blues, rock and soul concerts. Open till 5:30 (Tue-Sat). You can get there by bus (Plaza Castilla station) or train (C4 line)


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