Centro district

Centro district

Nearby Argüelles and Chamberí districts, around 30 minutes away by foot. There are several metro stations but I prefer to star from Tribunal (10 line, deep blue) and Malasaña neighborhood (Universidad area), one of the most iconic areas of Madrid but I’m gonna focus just in heavy metal and some rock but if you like you can search in google and discover the amazing, trendy and countercultural scene.

El Rey Lagarto. This pub offers a wide range of rock and music: punk, grunge, industrial, … There are two bars: one at the entrance and another at the end, also has benches for sitting on. The PR guy is always around, so pay atention! Open till 3:00 am.

Kurgan. More than 10 years playing metal, nu metal, metalcore and industrial! Has bar at the entrance and benches. Check their pictures on FB. Open till 3:30 am.

Nightfall. Specialised in pagan, viking, black and death metal. As dark as Mordor but nicer than orcs 😉 Good prices. Open till 3:30 am.

Nueva Vision. Pub and The Ramones fan club as well. Punk, cheap “minis” and radioactive toilets. No FB page sorry.  Open till 3:00 am.

Wrong Way Bar. The old Louie Louie. Pub dedicated to hardcore, punk and psychobilly. Open till 3:00.

Diplodocus. You have to try their famous Brontosaurus milk! Hard rock and heavy. Open till 3:00.

Mala Fe. Rock, heavy, blues even soul. Photos exhibition, guitars and poster all over the place. Open till 3:30 am except thursdays till 2:00.

El pez eléctrico. Pub and venue. Good Rock and classic heavy metal. Open till 3:00.

Wurlitzer Ballrom. Open till 6:00 am!!! Rock pub and venue and full of people from 3:00, when everything else is closed 😉

Menuda History. Rock bar where you can eat, listen to good music even take beer tasting courses. Check the page to know more! Open till 3:00. Metro station Plaza de España (Line 10, dark blue)

RockNRolla. “Because a real RocknRolla wants the fucking lot.”Sorry, Handsome Bob isn’t here! (I wish) but you have a good rock stuff! Open till 3:00.

Barbara Ann. Recently opened! Its slogan says “Dinners, cocktails and Rock and Roll”. Open till 3:30. Metro station Alonso Martinez (line 0, dark blue)

Craft Against the Machine. Perfect place to taste some craft beer and good “tapas”. Rock ambient and open till 2:00 am. Sunday from 12:00 to 6:00 pm.

Condominium Tapas bar. Dark Wave, Post Punk, Synth Pop, Future Pop and 80’s stuff. Open till 0:00 except friday and saturday that closed at 2:00 pm.

Blackbird rock bar. Pub and venue to enjoy live shows of rock and metal music. Open tuesday to sunday until 3:00 pm. Metro station Antón Martín (line 1, light blue)


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